16th – 17th May 2018, Novi, MI, USA

NEW IN 2018:

For the first time, CTI offers you the chance to meet experts from multidisciplinary specialist departments in the automotive sector. Connectivity, electrification, automation and safety – We bring today’s most important topics together.

The CTI Conference AUTONOMOUS DRIVING SUMMIT USA is part of the CTI Automotive Week USA

CTI Automotive Week events are:

  • CTI Symposium USA – Automotive Transmissions, HEV and EV Drives
  • Autonomous Driving Summit USA
  • ISO 26262 Conference USA
  • Automotive Diagnostics USA
  • Agile Automotive USA
  • Automotive Glazing USA
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When will mobility take its next step towards the future?

CTI Automotive Week

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Advisory Board

Dr Roman Henze

Dr Roman Henze

Chairman 2018

Chief Engineer and Manager Vehicle Dynamics & Active Systems, Institute of Automotive Engineering, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

    Dr Monika Bachofner

    Advisory Board 2018

    Scientific and Education Manager
    CARNET, Spain

      Sven A. Beiker, PhD

      Advisory Board 2018

      Founder and Managing Director
      Silicon Valley Mobility, USA

        Frank Fickel

        Advisory Board 2018

        Future Trends & Technology Transfer Vehicle
        Integrated Functions, IAV GmbH

          Tomonari Furukawa

          Advisory Board 2018

          Ph.D. Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, research in robotics and autonomous systems Virginia Tech, USA

            Dr Arnd Hagerodt

            Advisory Board 2018

            Director Advanced Driver Assistance,
            Volkswagen AG, Germany

              Assoc. Prof. Mathias R Lidberg

              Advisory Board 2018

              Vehicle Dynamics,
              Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

                Ibro Muharemovic

                Advisory Board 2018

                Head of Advanced Engineering, North America
                Chassis & Safety Division
                Continental AG

                  Assoc. Prof. Pongsathorn Raksincharoensak

                  Advisory Board 2018

                  Smart Mobility Research Centre,
                  Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

                    Alexander Renz

                    Advisory Board 2018

                    Managing Partner
                    New Mobility Consulting, USA

                      Ö. Artagun Yesildere

                      Advisory Board 2018

                      Manager Software Engineering Services &
                      Global Safety Coordinator
                      Powertrain Controls - Robert Bosch LLC, USA


                        Competitive Requirements for Self-Driving Guidance Software are dangerous

                        If autonomous cars will drive on our streets until 2025 will amongst other things depend on the number of people killed in the next years, says David Gelperin. He’s Chief Technology Officer and President of Clear Specs Enterprises. He will talk at the CTI Autonomous Driving Summit in Novi about possible conflicts which can occur … Continue reading “Competitive Requirements for Self-Driving Guidance Software are dangerous”

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                        Trending towards future mobility

                        Interview with Jeremy Carlson, Principal Analyst, Automotive Technology, IHS Markit. Autonomous driving will doubtlessly pose a huge challenge to current players in the automotive market and numerous countries are competing for the first position. IHS Markit expects the arrival of fully autonomous vehicles to be measured in months rather than years or decades and sees the US … Continue reading “Trending towards future mobility”

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                        Derailing the Trolley Problem for Autonomous Vehicles

                        Autonomous driving will change our moral perceptions. According to Ian Wright a change of our moral views is not only inevitable, but necessary. He will talk about the way we’re discussing the famous trolley problem today and how we should change our way of thinking.

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                        Autonomous driving: Will programmers decide on life and death in the future?

                        Interview with Dr Sven Nyholm: The Ethics of automated Driving – A Road Map Autonomous driving will not only change the way we think about mobility or driving. It will change our ethical perception by being part of a trend where more and more automated technologies and robotics are introduced into society on a large … Continue reading “Autonomous driving: Will programmers decide on life and death in the future?”

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                        AUTONOMOUS DRIVING: These are the questions that matter now

                        The acceptance of autonomous vehicles has increased noticeably. More and more people cannot only imagine being transported in autonomous cars instead of driving themselves. Many of them also consider it an advantage and like to trade the driving fun for the saved time in a self-driving car. This opinion is reflected in our survey in … Continue reading “AUTONOMOUS DRIVING: These are the questions that matter now”

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                        Future Technology Car

                        A strategy for the future – An interview with Roberto Vavassori

                        An interview with Roberto Vavassori, Business Development & Marketing Director, Member of Executive Committee, Brembo S.p.A., President of Clepa.

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