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Borsa İstanbul: Emerging Financial Hub A cutting-edge trading platform serving issuers, investors and traders globally

Borsa İstanbul, through its subsidiaries (Takasbank – İstanbul Settlement and Custody Bank Inc. and MKK – the Central Securities Depository Agency), is the sole provider of trading, clearing, settlement, custody and registry services in Turkey for a wide range of products such as equities, debt securities, repo, sukuks, warrants, options, futures, certificates and ETFs. Through a major reform program involving complete overhaul of Capital Markets Law in December 2012, Borsa İstanbul successfully completed its de-mutualization, horizontal integration (merger with derivatives and precious metals exchanges), and vertical integration (majority shareholder status at Takasbank and MKK). The reform program has also been complemented with significant improvements in the technological infrastructure, diversification of financial products, addition of new markets, and intensified international outreach. Borsa İstanbul and NASDAQ OMX Group have recently signed an agreement for strategic partnership which will significantly contribute to the vision of Borsa İstanbul by strengthening Istanbul’s position as an international financial center, and will expand both companies’ global footprint. Borsa İstanbul will integrate and operate NASDAQ OMX’s suite of world-class market technologies for trading, clearing, market surveillance and risk management, covering all asset classes including energy contracts. Moreover, the two companies will actively collaborate in the region. This strategic partnership points to a long-term commitment which would benefit member firms and customers of both exchanges. For further information, please visit Borsa İstanbul at, and follow us on Facebook (, and Twitter ( Contact: Borsa İstanbul A.Ş Resitpasa Mahallesi, Tuncay Artun Caddesi, Emirgan, 34467 Istanbul Phone: +90 212 298 21 00 Fax: +90 212 298 25 00 Email:

EFET | European Federation of Energy Traders

EFET is a group of more than 100 energy trading companies from 27 European countries dedicated to stimulate and promote energy trading throughout Europe. Contact: EFET – European Federation of Energy Traders Amstelveenseweg 998 1081 JS Amsterdam The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)20 5207970 Email:

ETD | Turkish Energy Traders Association

Energy Traders Association (ETD) was founded by leading energy trading companies holding Electricity Wholesale Licenses in 2010 to promote liberal energy trading and development of sustainable, transparent and liquid markets in Turkey. The Istanbul-based Association currently has 36 members. The Management Board of ETD consists of representatives of nine members: Akenerji, EFT Turkey, Enerjisa, Fina, Limak, RWE Turkey, Statkraft, Turcas, Zorlu. ETD is mandated to facilitate and promote universal rules, regulations and standards enabling fair trading environment towards a liberal energy market. ETD’s functions include not only the establishment of preliminary infrastructure ensuring transparent and accessible prices and market information for all, but also introduction of a widely accepted standard contract and defining and establishment of ethical code. In order to fulfill its objectives, ETD cooperates with many national and international Governmental and Non-Governmental institutions. In terms of national connections and works, ETD participates in and organizes joint working groups including both members of ETD and Institutions with Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, TEİAŞ (Türkish System Operator), Energy Markets Regulation Authority, Competition Board etc. Main subjects of this joint works are Establishment of an Energy Exchange and OTC (Over-The-Counter) market in Turkey, liberalization and competition, standardization, legal infrastructure of both wholesale and retail trade issues, transparency. In terms of international connections, ETD and EFET (European Federation of Energy Traders) organized multiple meetings introducing the EFET Agreement to market participants and created a working group on the adaptation of the EFET Agreement into the Turkish market. Finally, EFET General Agreement Turkey version (EFET TR) was launched on 22 July 2011, which was followed by the execution of the first agreement by two leading companies in Turkey.” Contact: ETD – ENERJİ TİCARETİ DERNEĞİ 19 Mayis Mah. 19 Mayis Cad. UBM Plaza No:37 K:5 D:15 Sisli, İstanbul Phone: +90 (212) 347 08 51 Fax: +90 (212) 347 08 52 Email:

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (ETKB) was established upon Presidential Approval No. 4-400 dated 25.12.1963 on the basis of the authority vested by Law No. 4951. Law on Organization of the Ministry was provided for on 13.02.1983 through Decree Law No. 186, which law was finalized by Law No. 3154 enacted on 01.03.1985. Yet, in order to ensure more effective performance of its duties, certain articles of Law No. 3154 were amended within the framework of Decree Law No. 367 on the “Establishment of EU-Related Units Within Ministries and Their Attached Institutions,” which took effect for the first time on 14.04.1989, under which amendment, the Department of EU Coordination was established on December 28, 1989 as a Main Service Unit. And on 12.08.1993, Law No. 3154 was amended again by Decree Law No. 505 to the effect of converting two Departments within main service units into General Directorates, and establishing the External Relations Department. With Law No. 4693 dated 27.06.2001, which amended Law No. 3154 on the Organizational Structure and Duties of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Transit Petroleum Pipelines Department was established as a Main Service Unit. And with Law No. 5436 on the “Amendment of Law on Public Financial Management and Control, and Several Other Laws and Decree Laws,” which took effect in 2005, Strategic Development Units (SGBs) were created within all public bodies, and accordingly the Research, Planning and Coordination Board of our Ministry was replaced in 2006 by a Strategy Development Department. According to Law No. 3154, the purpose of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources is to help define targets and policies related to energy and natural resources in a way that serves and guarantees the defense of our country, security, welfare, and strengthening of our national economy; and to ensure that energy and natural resources are researched, developed, generated and consumed in a way that is compatible with said targets and policies. Contact: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Türk Ocağı Caddesi No:2 06100 Çankaya/ANKARA Phone: +90 312 212 64 20 Fax:+ 90 312 222 57 60 Email:

TÜSIAD | Turkish Industry & Business Association

TÜSİAD is a voluntary based civil society organization established by Turkish industrialists and businessmen in 1971 in order to represent the business world. TÜSİAD aims to contribute to the formation and development of a social order based on the adoptation of the universal principles of human rights, freedom of thought, belief and action, a secular state of law, as well as the concepts of participatory democracy, a liberal economy, the rules and regulations of a competitive market economy and environmental sustainability. Contact: TÜSIAD – TURKISH INDUSTRY & BUSINESS ASSOCIATION Phone: +90 212 249 19 29 Fax: +90 212 249 13 50 Email:

PETFORM | Turkish Petroleum Association

PETFORM (Petroleum Platform Association) was established on 15th September 2000 by the pioneering domestic and foreign companies actively operating in the exploration, production, processing, storage, transmission and refinery of the crude oil and natural gas as well as import, distribution and sales of natural gas. PETFORM has played a crucial role since its establishment in the transfer of private sector concerns to the authorized public institutions in all legislations Turkey requires in the energy sector and has actively participated in the development of the relevant legislation the energy market needed, most significantly the Natural Gas Market Law and Turkish Petroleum Law. Contact: PETFORM – Turkish Petroleum Association Karum Is Merkezi Kat: 3 No: 369 Kavaklidere – Ankara Phone: +90 312 428 24 71 Fax : +90 312 428 24 72 Email: