Conference 2015

About the conference

Being launched in 2011, Commercial Vehicles Turkey (CVT) will redesign its 2-day-conference for 2015 and enlarge the target group in order to offer the only international platform for commercial vehicle, trailer and bus industry based in Turkey. A platform for discussion and a meeting point for networking will offer great possibilities to gather all involved stakeholders, decision makers and players of Turkish and international industries and therefore strengthen business opportunities for Turkish based companies.

Proposed topics on Day 1

Topic: Trends in Commercial Vehicles
Focus: Strategic Planning
Target Group: Truck, Bus and Trailer

  • Which trends will shape Turkish commercial vehicle industry?
  • Turkey and Europe: will Turkish CV industry keep up the pace? Or lack behind Europe by 2 years?

Topic: International and emerging markets
Focus: Business Development
Target Group: Truck, Bus and trailer

  • Will Turkey strengthen its position as hub for commercial vehicles?

Topic: Networks – brand  awareness, infrastructure and the distribution network
Focus: Sales and Marketing
Target Group: Sales Marketing Distributor Network

  • How to achieve a (positive) brand awareness?
  • How important is of strong distributor network for success in Turkey and globally?
  • Advancements in Turkish infrastructure: who is in charge – government or industry itself?

Proposed topics on Day 2

Topic: Technological challenges and developments
Focus: R&D
Target Group: Truck, Bus and Trailer

  • How will requirement for truck engine and transmission will develop?
  • Which are the chances of a transition from CNG to LNG –  and what would be the consequences for CV industry in turkey?
  • Challenges of integration of Euro VI in Turkey
  • 3D printing: how seriously does Turkish industry take this technological developments?

Topic: Trailer industry – a pillar of turkish commercial vehicle industry?
Focus: Business Development, R&D
Target Group: Trailer

  • Is Turkish infrastructure suitable for growth of the trailer industry?
  • Which are the trends in modularization and customizing?
  • To what extend will electronic data advances influence trailer engineering?
  • Production plant managing in turkey and globally

Topic: Relevance of bus industry in Turkey
Focus: Business Development, R&D
Target group: Bus

  • Turkish bus market 2025: to which changes will turkish industry have to adapt?
  • Development of turkish infrastructure – needs and challenges
  • Technological advances and innovations