Chairmans Welcome Address

Dear Delegates,

Automotive industry is global and it is growing with intense competition in technological innovation. On the other hand, safety, quality for customer satisfaction, comfort, long service life and reasonable price expectations further deepens this competition with increasingly narrower limits of the technical regulations with respect to environmental sensitivity.

Passenger and freight transport are very important economic activities. Between different transport modes, overland transport has an important share in its share and protects it. Especially in Turkey as we know that overland transport has significant share of 80 percent. The expectation s of cost and efficiency is even greater here every day.

In this 4th Commercial Vehicles Turkey event which will be held in Istanbul, we will discuss developments in the lights of new expectations from different aspects about the commercial vehicles used in this important sector. We expect that the papers which will be presented by distinguished participants will make important contributions to our works. Please take the opportunity to gain new perspectives for the future and join us in Istanbul.

Prof. Dr Ercan TezerProf. Dr. Ercan Tezer