Let’s bring together the leading minds of international eSports to discuss its future in Europe: makers, movers and gamers!

We need your Support!

The conference is our idea, but we need you to make it real. You can find all information about our concept on this website. If you like the idea, like us on facebook! As soon as we hit 10.000 likes, we will proceed to the next phase and start to make the event happen.


Competitive Gaming Congress reached first milestone – The event definitely will take place!

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How a competitive gaming conference could benefit all parties?

We want the Competitive Gaming Conference to be a benefit to all parts of the audience interested in eSports. A multi tiered approach should help different interest groups to get the most out of it.

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Infographic: Why eSports means Business

Competitive Gaming gets serious. With our infographic we want to visualize some facts to explain, why brands should consider eSports as an opportunity.

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eSports facts & figures

  • This year, American gamers account for $4. billionn in spending on PC MMO games or 20.3% of the global PC/MMO market. The Asia-Pacific region represents $11 billion or 52.6% of the PC pie.
  • Riot Games’ League of Legends is the most-played video game in the world with over 70 million registered gamers and with some 32 million playing on a monthly basis.

    CNN Money
  • Day[9] is one of the biggest stars in the world of Starcraft with over 375.000 subscribers to his youtube channel. His videos gather between 60,000 and 3.5m viewers each.

    The Guardian
  • The League of Legends All-Star Game in Shanghai in May 2013 was watched by 18 million unique viewers, breaking the previous record of 8.6M during the League Season Two World Championship.



We want to discuss the Future of eSports in Europe.

With Professionals

The professional side of eSports is based on four pillars: teams, developers, broadcasters and leagues. We want to bring together the leading minds of each pillar, add some external perspective from business and sports and create a forum to set the future of competitive gaming.

With Sponsors

eSports attract an interesting audience not only for tech brands. We want to talk with successful sponsors and give possible sponsors an insight into this fascinating opportunity to reach their target group by pointing out parallels to classic sports sponsorships.

With Gamers

Gamers are more involved into their sport than typical fans. We want to give them the chance to help to lift eSports on a more professional and internationally recognized level and involve them into the evolution of the competitive gaming industry.


eSports is a phenomenon of the masses. Millions of gamers play and watch games online. Some countries are setting the diplomatic status of gamers equal to athletes. Professional leagues organize an ever growing business. Gaming gets serious and no one should ignore this trend.


eSports fascinate millions but still struggle for recognition compared to popular sports like soccer or the formula 1 racing. The conference will help to build a reputation for eSports with business and media.

What to expect
  • Media coverage
  • A differentiated view on the subject
  • A serious business approach
  • Open dialogues and discussions


eSports makers and gamers are well connected. We are well connected with the leading business players of the world. The conference gets both worlds in touch and helps to build strong partnerships.

Whom to meet
  • Makers and movers of eSports
  • Interested business partners
  • Potential sponsors
  • Successful gamechangers


eSports is a big thing and revenues climb new summits each year. Find out, what visions for this emerging market there are and what plans are made for eSports in Europe and the world at the conference.

What to discuss
  • Organization of leagues
  • Sponsorship and licensing
  • Professional gaming
  • Development of technologies


Before we rent a location, invite speakers and hire a team, we want to know if the idea of an eSports congress is interesting enough. We have set up some milestones to reach. It begins with you showing interest. Like us and we proceed to the next level, where we invite speakers and find a location. If we gather enough pre-registrations, we go on to the final phase: roll-out.

Milestones for the Conference


Phase 1

Open concept

First we need to find out, if our idea is good enough to succeed. We have set up a milestone of 10.000 likes before we will proceed into the next phase. In this phase, we will share our concept with as many people as possible. Do you like our idea of a large European eSports congress? Then support us! Give us your like.


Phase 2

Public beta

In this phase we start to build the event itself: looking for a matching location, find potential speakers and organize event highlights. Each step we take will be documented in our blog and, details discussed with the public. In this phase we will offer early bird pre-registrations and proceed to the next phase, if we reach our milestone of 600.


Phase 3

Going live

This is the final phase, when everything get’s real. The location will be set up, the speakers invited, the event highlights ready and tickets out for sale. As soon as we reach this phase, we are just one step away from a really cool and exciting event in the heart of Europe about the future of eSports.

We want to continue to evolve and mimic sort of Sportscenter and ESPN.

-- Dustin Beck, VP of eSports, Riot Games --


Who are we?

Meet the team making the event happen


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Euroforum – an Informa company
Our parent company, Informa plc, a media corporation listed on the London Stock Exchange, achieved a turnover of 1,23 billion GBP (1,4 billion €) in 2012 and employs more than 8,000 staff at 150 locations in more than 40 countries around the world. With around 1,700 journals and 87,000 books, delivered both digitally and in printed form, Informa has an extensive portfolio for the academic, scientific and business markets. The internationally renowned group of companies organises and produces more than 6,500 events worldwide.

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