Chris Boos

Chris Boos

Speaker 2017

Founder & CEO


@boosc / @aragoGmbH

AI and the Future of Business

  • Doing AI no longer is a question of being state-of-the-art or not – it is rather one of make or break.
    • Most leaders in the established economy underestimate the effect AI will have on their businesses, despite the fact that AI is probably the most potent tool they have in their uphill battle against network effect companies.
    • At the same time, internet giants are heavily investing into AI.
  • The Future of Business: Anything that is a process can and will be run by an AI.
  • The Established Players‘ Dilemma in their Battle against the Network Effect Companies.
  • AI is one of the –  potentially the only one – tool in the corporate toolkit to help overcome the threats that have already happened and turn them into an opportunity.


Chris Boos founded the high-tech company Arago 20 years ago with the dedication to take artificial intelligence (AI) to the next level. Since then, he globally paved the way for transferring problem solving AI technologies into the business world. Being one of the trailblazers in this field, he serves as a sparring partner for the tech industry’s big names as well as for “old economy” CEOs. Thus, he has helped several blue-chip companies to understand how AI will revolutionize our world.

  • Well-known author and algorithm designer broadly engaged in high-tech and academic communities
  • Supports the tech and start-up scene by serving as board member at various IT companies and as angel investor
  • Prior to founding Arago engagement in capital markets research at a global bank
  • John F. Kennedy National Leadership Award 2003 as one of “Germany’s most outstanding leaders in IT”
  • Contributed to research in several super-computing centers around the world
  • R&D efforts mainly focused on graph theory, decision systems and deductive logic to sketch solutions for the problem of ever growing information flows businesses have to manage
  • Studied computer sciences at ETH Zurich and Technical University Darmstadt