Putting the patient first

ey-artikelHospital renovations as an opportunity

The best possible outcome-to-cost ratios are the core concern of value-centered health policies, as pursued and already partially implemented in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries. In this context, patient-oriented care is playing an increasingly pivotal role for hospitals. In order to remain economically viable and competitive, they have to strike a balance between cost optimization, functionality and patient orientation. Hospitals should use new construction and renovation projects as an opportunity to fully align their concept with the needs of their patients.

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Free-PDF: The Future Trends of Healthcare 2015

survey Over 200 respondents of the pharmaceutical industry took part in our survey “Future of Healthcare”. The survey aimed to draw a picture of general expectations concerning prospective healthcare. Do we have to rethink our definition of healthcare?


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Rethinking Healthcare 2015

Rethinking Healthcare 2015 – Between Innovation and Regulation

Our search for innovative ideas and business strategies for the future healthcare market continues:  We’ll meet again on October 6th and 7th in Berlin!

Apart from focusing on innovation sourcing and groundbreaking collaborations that are reshaping the healthcare business nowadays, we would like to tackle the barriers that are still hindering the implementation of smart ideas.

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