Conference 2015

In times of fast moving business models and new technologies shaking up the traditional healthcare industry, it’s even more crucial to source and manage innovative ideas effectively and sustainably. Collaborations are seen as one promising option to raise finance amid, share potential risks, boost research productivity and outcomes, discover new therapies – And therefore ultimately to reinvent the way healthcare is delivered.

This year’s Summit “Rethinking Healthcare” will broach the issue of how innovation may be sourced and will also highlight groundbreaking collaborations and best practice examples along pharma’s value chain. Furthermore, the conference will tackle regulative barriers and guidelines that are still hindering the implementation of smart ideas.


This Summit will gather senior leaders from inside and outside the healthcare sector to discuss how innovation can be created and stimulated. Following the success of our past events of this series, this year’s Summit will feature a range of keynotes as well as interactive panel discussions and hands-on sessions offering you lots of opportunities to connect and collaborate with peers. The focus is set on getting new inspirations for innovative ideas in the healthcare business as well as meeting non-traditional entrants of the industry to bring your company’s innovative ideas with the best partner to the next stage.