Managing a German GmbH within international group structures

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Legal certainty for the challenging position of a Managing Director:

  • Personal liability, release from liability, D&O insurance
  • Rights and obligations of the subsidiary’s management versus parent company‘s management
  • Significant key points of the service contract including dismissal and termination
  • Valuable tips for severance negotiations and severance pay
  • German and international tax law
  • Long distance leadership: International decentralized teams
  • International contracts: Structure, applicable law, dispute resolution

The English version of the German success seminar
„Der GmbH-Geschäftsführer im Konzern“

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to expand your freedom of action within group structures.
  • The main principles concerning your service contract.
  • How to avoid personal liability and protect yourself from liability.
  • How to identify risks and strategies within group structures and how to deal with them in a legally secure manner.
  • How to assess and mitigate tax risks.
  • How to lead international decentralized teams (long distance leadership).
  • Important aspects for international contracts: structure, applicable law, dispute resolution.

This seminar is aimed at:

  • Managing Directors of German GmbHs
  • Owners and shareholders of affiliated, international GmbHs and their representatives
  • Managers who will be promoted to Managing Director
  • German managers involved with international group structures
  • Managers newly arrived in Germany and unfamiliar with German corporate law, liability and employment law

Duties, Liabilities and Rights

The position of a managing director (“Geschaeftsfuehrer”) of a German GmbH involves many legal issues, in particular legal duties and liabilities. One of the greatest challenges for a manager of a group affiliated GmbH is the balancing act between the interests of the parent company and these of the subsidiary. You should be able to reconcile different functions, for example as an employee of the parent company and as managing director of the subsidiary. Being familiar with the current case law and legislation particularly with respect to liability is key. The personal liability risk is tightened in a corporate structure because you have to follow instructions of the parent company and at the same time you are liable within the subsidiary. Furthermore, your service contract is an important issue. Clauses concerning remuneration, company car, pension commitment or insurance. In addition this seminar will teach you how to lead international decentralized teams (long distance leadership) and how to structure and conclude international contracts and dispute resolutions.