2nd Agile in Automotive USA 2018



Exclusive interview with Lennart Krook from Zenuity about Agile Automotive

Lennart KrookOn 15 May, the 2nd conference about Agile Automotive USA will take place in Novi.

Get an insight into the topics at the conference. Read an exclusive interview with Lennart Krook from Zenuity:


Mr Krook, what does “agile in automotive” mean to you?
It’s all about speed, speed, speed (time to market). Agile as such is an enabler for speed and flexibility. The goal is to enable continuous deployment, in Zenuity’s case software, as close to production environment as possible, i.e the car/lorry/bus/fleet etc.  …read more

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Building global Agile in Automotive momentum! After multiple events in Europe please join us for the
2nd Agile in Automotive Conference USA on the 15th May 2018 in Novi, MI.

Agile in Automotive USA
is the international conference on application of agile principles, methods, and practices in the development of automotive electronic systems, software, hardware, and mechanics. Use this unique platform to enhance your network and meet representatives from the industry, key players and OEMs! Get an excellent overview of the latest technologies and trends in the world of agile in automotive.





Peter Abowd, Kugler Maag Cie


Sustainable branching and continuous integration at an OEM and Tier1 software supplier company

  • What are the major decision factors and aspects when choosing a branch type for different needs e.g. feature request, change request?
  • How to develop a (cost)effective and sustainable test and integration strategy (including CI) for different branch types?
  • How to handle delivery and maintenance for different customers?

Eszter Gubucz, Commsignia


Real agile organizations and new business models

  • Agile @Zenuity
  • Implementation at an organizational & cultural level
  • Agile product development, continuous deployment, speedy feedback and release models
  • Future vision

Lennart Krook, Zenuity


Networking Break (Room Amethyst)

  • Experiences with Agile methods in a regulated automotive environment
  • Defining Agility
  • How do Agile methods, ISO 26262 and Automotive SPICE fit together?
  • Examples and key leanings from implementing Agile in Automotive

Peter Abowd, Kevin Dibble, Kugler Maag Cie


Leveraging agile metrics to manage complex safety-related automotive programs

  • Using estimates and velocity in backlog refinement, sprint and release planning
  • Agile methods for tracking and managing progress
  • Unique considerations for Agile and ISO 26262

Peter Abowd, Kevin Dibble, Kugler Maag Cie


Lunch and Networking (Room Amethyst)


The Emerging Executive Rebellion Against Agile

  • There is trouble brewing in the upper echelons, both in the prime and the supplier management chains.
  • What are the origins of this trouble? Why is it serious?
  • What are the results when the heat of these friction points is used to create innovation?

Alan Willett, Oxseeker


Agile tools and performance indicators

  • Why do we need tools and performance indicators?
  • Illustrating an example of performance metrics
  • Challenges, opportunities, and what’s next

Paul Beets, GM


Networking Break (Room Amethyst)


On-site engineering services in test- and validation for an international OEM. Special consideration of working in an agile way in a hierarchical environment and usually daily requirements from the OEM.

  • Practiced agile structures in a non-agile environment
  • Agile roles filled with agile life
  • What measures were necessary to stay agile in a non-agile environment? How to deal with interrupts in an hierarchical environment

Stefan Kasek, TraceTronic


Closing & Outlook 2019

Peter Abowd, Kugler Maag Cie


End of Conference and start of the Networking Reception (Fireside Lounge)

Exhibition an Sponsorships are available

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The Agile in Automotive USA provides you with the ideal opportunity to
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