Connectivity as driver of changing aftersales processes

Interview with Uwe Krüger, Manager Aftersales Strategy Connected Cars at BMW Group

The complexity inside the car is rising and car connectivity will pose new challenges to automotive diagnostics. While connectivity means much more convencience and transparency in terms of what kind of data is used to support connected services, according to Uwe Krüger, the use of this data will be very important for OEMs and the after sales industry, in order to improve their CRM. At the CTI Diagnostics Conference in Munich in March 2018 he talked about “Connectivity as driver of changing aftersales processes”. Watch the interview here.

CTI: What are the biggest challenges in the automotive diagnostics?

Uwe Krüger: Well, from my point of view the complexity inside of the cars is one very important thing that has to be handled in the service area. That means in terms of functions that are related to a lot of electronic control units, we see that if there is the problem that we cannot directly analyse what could be or what is the reason for that. Therefore the diagnostic has to analyse a lot of data and these kind of data which is necessary to analyse the respective situation has to be made available. From my point of view we need the right data at the right time to find out what is the actual problem, which is due to the complexity inside of the cars.

CTI: What does the connected car mean for customers and for after sales?

Uwe Krüger: Well on the one hand side for the customer it of course means more convenience and transparency in terms of what kind of data is being used to support my connected services which are used by the customer. And on the other hand side, for the OEM and for the after sales it’s very important to use that connectivity over the whole life cycle of the vehicle in terms of remote processes but also for customer relationship management.

CTI: How many BMW cars are currently connected?

Uwe Krüger: Well, at this point of time we have round about 10 million connected vehicles with an embedded sim card.

CTI: What is the main added value in terms of connectivity?

Uwe Krüger: Well, the value we see on the customer side is that the customer can use more services and of course additional offers that are provided via connectivity. One example for that is an update for the navigation map or an always up to date status of the vehicle. On the other hand side, it’s as I said already, very important for the after sales to use that connectivity. And not only the connectivity but also additional technologies that are provided in the current cars to streamline the after sales processes to make the customer experience much better than today.

CTI: What intelligent and innovative processes are being used nowadays?

Uwe Krüger: Well, of course there are many intelligent processes and services that are used based on connectivity. But let me give you one example, for instance with “BMW car data“ we enable new business models based on customer confirmation where the customer can decide to whom and what kind of data he wants to transfer to enable a telematics-based insurance, for instance.

CTI: You talked about the ASIS during your presentation, can you tell us more about it?

Uwe Krüger: Well, ASIS is one of the core elements of the „BMW Number One Next“ Strategy and stands for autonomous, connected, electrified and shared driving. These four concepts describe technologies that we integrate into our product offers. Not only in the upcoming years. Partly these offers are already available.

CTI: What are the challenges of highly automated and autonomous driving?

Uwe Krüger: Of course, this will entail a completely new customer experience and also for us from the after sales side. We have to find out if there are porblems in regard of this complete new customer experience and then we have to analyse that. For these kind of diagnostics, we believe that new concepts are necessary, concepts, for instance, to generate data during driving that are being the base for a later on diagnostics in the workshop.

CTI: And what do you think about this event?

Uwe Krüger: Very important for networking and I guess it provides for all of us a very good overview about the different kind of technologies that are available at this point in time and of course on what kind of impact these technologies on the automotive diagnostics.

Uwe Krüger is Manager Aftersales Strategy Connected Cars at Group BMW Group. At the CTI Diagnostics Conference in Munich in March 2018 he talked about “Connectivity as driver of changing aftersales processes”.

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