Diagnostics and Security: Brave New World

Günter Fahböck, Project Manager, Softing Automotive.
Markus Steffelbauer, Head of Product Management and Marketing, Softing Automotive.

Opportunity or risk?
Familiar truths are a little tricky – while they are practical to use for a quick appraisal, they are not eternally true! And modern vehicle diagnostics is no exception. In the past you were able to rely on the fact that a vehicle was accessed via the standardized OBD jack; also the means of communication with protocols that were also standardized – protocols which, incidentally, by design cannot fulfill important security requirements. But modern vehicles open themselves up to the outside in a number of ways. V2x (Vehicle to any environment) requires wireless communication with external devices and a SIM card is mandatory for the eCall functionality required in all vehicles today. The demand to be able to update vehicle software without having to visit the repair shop (SOTA – Software over the air) means wireless connections are also creeping into the diagnostic environment.

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