SOTA and Remote Diagnostics – New challenges in diagnostic software development

Jörg Fiedler, Product Owner, AVL DiTEST

The talk will deliver first-hand experience about how to implement an onboard diagnostic client for SOTA and remote diagnostics.
What are the key challenges we identified to create a SOTA system that updates a complete modern passenger car in the driveway of the customer? Which technological challenges need to be mastered, from diagnostic design to middleware integration, to make SOTA updates seamless and customer friendly.

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Diagnostics and Security: Brave New World

Günter Fahböck, Project Manager, Softing Automotive.
Markus Steffelbauer, Head of Product Management and Marketing, Softing Automotive.

Opportunity or risk?
Familiar truths are a little tricky – while they are practical to use for a quick appraisal, they are not eternally true! And modern vehicle diagnostics is no exception. In the past you were able to rely on the fact that a vehicle was accessed via the standardized OBD jack; also the means of communication with protocols that were also standardized – protocols which, incidentally, by design cannot fulfill important security requirements. But modern vehicles open themselves up to the outside in a number of ways. V2x (Vehicle to any environment) requires wireless communication with external devices and a SIM card is mandatory for the eCall functionality required in all vehicles today. The demand to be able to update vehicle software without having to visit the repair shop (SOTA – Software over the air) means wireless connections are also creeping into the diagnostic environment.
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Data analytics in different use cases

At the 16th International CTI-Conference “Automotive Diagnostics” the participants had the chance to attend a workshop hosted by Robert Bosch GmbH. The attendees discussed in two different groups about Data analytics in different diagnostic use cases. They focused on the topics “Benefit & Value”, “Improvement & Changes” and “Regulations”.

Different questions were asked and discussed:

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A Miracle of Diversity: OTX

In the automotive industry, diagnostics for ECUs and vehicle functions is constantly gaining in significance, after all, trends such as (semi-)autonomous driving demand increased predictability of the state of all components involved. An important basis for this is the programming language OTX (Open Test sequence eXchange) which, in the form of standard ISO 13209, describes diagnostic sequences for vehicles. One particular advantage is its suitability for a multitude of different use cases.

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New Vehicle Interface for the Entire Lifecycle

Today’s vehicles feature a wide range of ECUs. These control and monitor various electronic areas; errors which have occurred are saved permanently. For their evaluation. there are all kinds of different requirements in the various phases of the vehicle life cycle. This is why the market needs a flexible vehicle interface to cover these use cases as comprehensively as possible. The new VIN|ING 2000 from Softing Automotive supports both wired and wireless access and, what is more, is already prepared for future remote use.

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Creating collaborative Ecosystems for the Connected Truck


The trend towards digitalization and connectivity enables truck manufacturers to create exciting new services for their customers. However, it requires a complete transformation of their business approach. We will explore the new collaborative economy in the context of autonomous trucks and the new position of commercial vehicle manufacturers. Using service and maintenance perations as a case, we will describe the participants and requirements for new collaborative ecosystems. We will describe potential technical solutions as well as the challenges and opportunities in their implementation.

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Carmakers and Telematics: IoT Inside the Factory

Author: Antonio Venutelli, Solutions Engineer at Geotab

When talking about fleet management solutions, many think first about telematics devices for commercial heavy goods vehicles, large goods vehicles (LGVs) and cars. However, telematics can be very useful even before the vehicle is even delivered to end users — during its production stages in the factory. Read about carmakers and telematics and how data is driving competitiveness in the automotive manufacturing industry.

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Diagnostics in the Driving Seat

Vehicles are increasingly connecting themselves with their environment: with other vehicles, parts of the infrastructure, the cloud. And this is in fact the key to new functions such as autonomous driving. Together with the increasing electrification of vehicles, this is placing even more demands on diagnostics – but at the same time is also presenting completely new opportunities.

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Connected Car Report 2018

Statista Digital Market Outlook – Market Report

Autonomous driving, e-mobility, big data and connectivity are key drivers for change in the automotive industry. In the future mobility world innovative diagnostic systems play a key role. New diagnostic areas have to be comprised using future oriented methods and tools like data transfer over the air, big data applications and artificial intelligence approaches.

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