SOTA and Remote Diagnostics – New challenges in diagnostic software development

Jörg Fiedler, Product Owner, AVL DiTEST

The talk will deliver first-hand experience about how to implement an onboard diagnostic client for SOTA and remote diagnostics.
What are the key challenges we identified to create a SOTA system that updates a complete modern passenger car in the driveway of the customer? Which technological challenges need to be mastered, from diagnostic design to middleware integration, to make SOTA updates seamless and customer friendly.

The approach is to develop one powerful onboard diagnostic client for SOTA and remote diagnostics. Jörg Fiedler will address the major steps towards remote diagnostics and conclude why the real challenges for remote diagnostics are rather organizational than technological and which current trends are setting the scene for the next generation of onboard diagnostic clients.

Learn more on 23 March 2020 during his presentation.


  • Journey to the diagnostic onboard client / What is eXcore
  • SOTA
    • Different Use-Case => Robustness is Key
    • Design of ECUs (Dual Banking)
    • Design => Reduce dependencies / Communication Control Example
    • Robustness vs. Complexity
    • Complexity: The Stack is to deep
    • Middleware
    • Process – FOSS an Co
  • Remote Diagnostics
    • Technical a solved problem
    • Organizational difficult. Lifecycle / Mixed Skills
  • Trends
    • Domain Controller / Service Oriented Diagnostics