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14 and 15 May 2018, Rochester (MI), Royal Park Hotel, USA

Automotive Glazing Europe

Passenger cars, trucks, busses & special vehicles

29 and 30 November 2017, Düsseldorf, Germany

Join our International Conferences in Europe and the United States!

The nature of automotive glazing will change considerably over the next decades. Electrification, automatization and e-mobility will pose new challenges to the industry. The CTI Automotive Glazing Conferences aim to bring together the experts from all involved industries, to develop the best solutions for the industry.

Interview with Wolfgang Erner: “New materials will appear on the scene, but essential things will still remain glass.”

Interview with the Chairman of the CTI Automotive Glazing Conference, Wolfgang Erner, Technology Manager Europe, NSG Pilkington Automotive. The glazing industry will face tremendous challenges over the next decades due to electrification, automatization

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Discussing the future of Automotive Glazing – Roundtable Sessions Automotive Glazing Europe

Roundtable Sessions at the 10th CTI Conference! At the 10th International CTI-Conference “Automotive Glazing Europe” the participants at various roundtables discussed the current trends, opportunities and challenges in the field of automotive glazing.

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