Results Data Protection Survey 2020 – Transformation accomplished?

What does the GDPR evaluation in the data protection industry look like?

We have determined with our current Data Protection Survey 2020 the status quo of the transformation process of uniformity in the handling and processing of personal data. How far have companies currently progressed in implementing the GDPR? What were, or are, the greatest challenges in implementing the GDPR? What should be improved in the current status of the GDPR and how will the use of 5G affect the handling?

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Webinar: M&A meets Data Protection

Webinar: M&A meets Data Protection

Companies acquire, use, or share in the ordinary course of business vast amounts of data, including personal information covered by European data protection laws. Data protection issues must be considered in an acquisition from the outset, and can have a significant impact on the value and terms of the deal, including whether or not to acquire certain data as part of the transaction, and how to value that data.

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Webinar: Managing Global Privacy Laws:

Webinar: Managing Global Privacy Laws:

How to Tackle the GDPR, California CPA and Today’s Growing List of Privacy Regulations

30 April 2019, 4 p, CET

The GDPR changed the way people and businesses think about privacy. With its extraterritorial scope and high noncompliance fines, it forced companies to implement ongoing, operational and privacy-focused initiatives by design into their businesses, changing the way companies interact with customers, employees and vendors.

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GDPR – THE FIRST YEAR – Experts share their experiences with the General Data Protection Regulation

Over months or even years data protection officers were working and preparing for May 25, 2018, the day the GDPR was enforced. In the run-up to the European Data Protection Days, we asked experts responsible for handling of data about their experiences with the General Data Protection Rule. Were they GDPR-ready? To what extent did the GDPR change their day to day job? And what are their current/next big challenges? We compiled the answers to these and more question in “GDPR — THE FIRST YEAR”.









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GDPR & ePrivacy could inspire a global privacy standard (European Commissioner Věra Jourová)

For European Commissioner Věra Jourová the biggest achievement of the GDPR is that it equips Europe well to deal with the current and future problems, because it gives control to people over their data. In this interview leading up to European Data Protection Days, Jourová adds, that GDPR and ePrivacy are the perfect opportunity to inspire a global standard in terms of privacy. Continue reading