Results Data Protection Survey 2020 – Transformation accomplished?

What does the GDPR evaluation in the data protection industry look like?

We have determined with our current Data Protection Survey 2020 the status quo of the transformation process of uniformity in the handling and processing of personal data. How far have companies currently progressed in implementing the GDPR? What were, or are, the greatest challenges in implementing the GDPR? What should be improved in the current status of the GDPR and how will the use of 5G affect the handling?

We have asked these and many other questions to 4,000 specialists and managers in order to prepare and provide you with the current results in an information graphic.

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Did you miss our „M&A meets Data Protection“ Webinar?

The experts Dr Axel Kessler and Dr Friedrich Popp have addressed the following questions:

  • What are the intersections between M&A and data protection?
  • Conducting a transaction is data processing – what is the GDPR framework?
  • How to assess the target’s data protection compliance?
  • What are the elements of a compliant due diligence process?
  •  Closing: How to transfer customer, supplier and employee data in a share or in an asset deal?
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