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AbsInt provides tools for validation, verification and certification of safety-critical software. Key products are aiT WCET analyzer for obtaining timing guarantees, StackAnalyzer for proving the absence of stack overflows, RuleChecker for checking coding guidelines, Astrée for proving the absence of runtime errors and data races, TimingProfiler for computing WCET estimates in early stages, and the formally verified optimizing compiler CompCert. NEW: TimeWeaver combines static path analysis with real-time instruction-level tracing to provide WCET estimates.

AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH
Science Park 1
66123 Saarbruecken, Germany


For over 130 years the name “Bosch” has been associated with forward-looking technology and trailblazing inventions that have made history. Bosch does business all over the world and is active in the most wide-ranging sectors. Our products and services are designed to spark enthusiasm, improve quality of life, and help conserve natural resources. We want to deliver top quality and reliability. In short: we want to create technology that is “Invented for life.”

Robert Bosch GmbH
71701 Schwieberdingen, Germany


Isograph was founded in 1986 and is one of the world’s leading companies in the development and provision of integrated Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety software products. Isograph software is used widely in the Automotive industry. Isograph Reliability Workbench FaultTree+ and FMECA modules have been tested and certified by SGS-TÜV as suitable for safety analyses according to ISO26262.

Isograph Ltd.
The Malt Building, Wilderspool Park



LDRA is a class-leading developer of automated requirements traceability, code analysis, and software test tools. We look forward to helping you to achieve your quality and certification goals, and to easing the development of your safety- and security- critical applications. Come and talk to us to find out how.

LDRA Technologie GmbH
Lindwurmstrasse 114
80337 Munich, Germany


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solid sands

Solid Sands’ mission is to put quality into C. We do that by improving the quality of C and C++ compilers, libraries and analysis tools, and their safe and secure use, with the best possible test and validation suite. With SuperTest, Solid Sands serves its customers to achieve the software quality level required by the ISO language and functional safety standards.

Solid Sands B.V.