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13-16 May 2019, Novi, Michigan, USA


  • 3 events in 1 week – connects 900+ international automotive experts
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to take part in several specialist conferences
  • Delivers scale and seniority
  • Combines adjacent sectors and related topic areas

Electrification, automation, digitalization: these three development trends are putting pressure on the automotive industry, and also make it one of the most fascinating research fields around. Few other industries are growing – and advancing – so quickly.

As the complexity of onboard electronic components increases, so does the potential for malfunctions. Many experts now describe tomorrow’s autonomous, connected automobiles as ‘smartphones on wheels’ that have similar vulnerabilities when sending or receiving data wirelessly or via W-LAN. Radar, lidar and camera systems demand error-free communication, and even surfaces like car glass are becoming substrates for onboard electronics.

Increasingly, transmissions too are becoming part of a networked system that extends beyond the drive and vehicle, while growing electrification makes automobiles more complex and places even higher demands on E/E systems. As a result, securing functional safety is another hot topic across all research fields. For carmakers, integrating electronic components successively while simultaneously meeting safety norms such as ISO 26262 poses a big challenge.

CTI offer you the chance to meet experts from multidisciplinary specialist departments in the automotive sector.
Powertrain, connectivity, electrification, automation and safety … CTI brings today’s most important topics together.


CTI Symposium
V. Anand Sankaran
V. Anand Sankaran
Director, Electrified Powertrain Engineering, Ford Motor Company, USA

In a new era of electrified and connected mobility fast approaching, the automotive industry faces unique challenges.

Particularly in the drive and transmission technology sector, the pressure to innovate is now stronger than ever before.

Daniel Nicholson
Vice President, Global Propulsion Systems, General Motors, USA


At the same time transmission development is more exciting than ever. Experience the top trends in transmission development at the US CTI Symposium.





Denise Gray
President and Chief Executive Officer, LG Chem Power Inc., USA

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Automotive Glazing
David Allen
David Allen
Exterior Systems Engineering, Core Global Glazing, Ford Motor Company

The global automotive glazing market size was estimated at USD 23.05 billion in 2016.

Growing demand for lightweight automobile components with superior impact resistance and corrosion protection is expected to propel enormous growth of the global automotive glazing market in the following years. And with autonomous driving the meaning of auto glass will change considerably.

Gerald-Alexander Beese
Gerald-Alexander Beese
Head of Strategic Project Management, KTI GmbH & Co. KG – German Research Institute (to be confirmed)


Discuss with us:

  • ADAS & connectivity
  • Electrification’s impact on glazing
  • Connectivity & glass





Martin Tune
Martin Tune
Supplier Quality Engineer, Volkswagen Group of America

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ISO 26262
Cem Hatipoglu
Dr Cem Hatipoglu
Director, Office of Vehicle Crash Avoidance and Electronic Controls Research National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), USA

Today’s consumers expect car manufacturers and suppliers to prove that their electronic systems will deliver the required functionality safety and reliably.

At the same time both are dealing with increasingly complex requirements in regard of cyber security. That’s where savety and security intermesh.

Nancy Leveson
Nancy Leveson
Professor of Aeronautics, Astronautics and Engineering Systems Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA


This year’s highlights:

  • 2nd edition ISO 26262 –be part of the expert community
  • Moving towards autonomous driving
  • Safety meets Security - interactive workshop day





Carsten Gebauer
Carsten Gebauer
Senior Expert, Bosch Center of Competence “Functional Safety” Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany

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