General Terms and Conditions of Business for booking seminars, courses and conferences

1. Scope
The following General Terms and Conditions of Business regulate the contractual relationship between the participant in seminars, courses and conferences [hereafter referred-to as the “event”] and Euroforum Schweiz AG [hereafter referred-to as “Euroforum”]. Any diverging General Terms and Conditions of the participant shall have no validity.

2. Registration/confirmation of registration
You may register via the Internet or by letter, fax, email or telephone. The registration shall become legally binding following our written confirmation.

3. Services
The conference fee is charged per person and per event and is exclusive of any applicable value added tax. The fee covers conference documentation, lunch and beverages during breaks. Euroforum reserves the right to replace speakers if circumstances require and to make any necessary changes to the programme, while preserving the overall character of the event. The participants shall be notified without delay in the event of a cancellation due to force majeure, the indisposition of a speaker, problems arising at the venue or an insufficient number of delegates. Cancellation due to an insufficient number of delegates shall be announced no later than two weeks prior to the event. Under such circumstances the conference fee shall be refunded. No claims for reimbursement of travel expenses and accommodation costs, or for compensation due to lost working time, shall be accepted unless such costs are the result of grossly negligent or wilful behaviour on the part of Euroforum. In the event of any disruptions arising to its services Euroforum shall take all reasonable steps to remedy the disruption and to limit any possible damage.

4. Due date and payment, default of payment, compensation
The conference fee shall be due 14 days after the invoice has been issued. If the participant is in default of payment, Euroforum shall be entitled to demand late payment interest to the amount of 5% above the base lending rate p.a. [Art. 106 Abs. 1 OR and Art. 106 Abs 1 OR)]. If Euroforum is able to show that it has suffered greater damage due to the delay it shall be entitled to claim on this basis. Similarly, the participant shall have the right to prove that no damage has been caused or that the said damage is considerably less than that being claimed by Euroforum. The purchaser has the option of paying by direct debit, on account or by credit card. Euroforum reserves the right to exclude certain methods of payment on a case by case basis. Payments may not be made by sending in cash or cheque and Euroforum shall not be held liable for any losses arising therefrom. Participants may only seek compensation on the basis of legally established claims or claims that have been acknowledged in writing by Euroforum. Participants may exercise the right of retention only insofar as their counterclaim is based on the same contractual relationship.

5. Cancellation
Cancellation [in writing only] may be made without payment at any time up to 14 days before the start of the event. After this period half the attendance fee shall be charged. If the participant fails to show up at the event, or cancels on the day of the event, the full attendance fee shall be due. Euroforum will be pleased to accept an alternative participant at no extra charge. The participant is generally entitled to provide proof that no damage has been caused by the cancellation or that any damage incurred is considerably less than the cancellation fee retained by Euroforum.

6. Copyrights
All our conference documents are protected by copyright. Participants are only granted simple, non-transferrable rights of usage for personal purposes. Participants and third parties are not permitted under any circumstances to alter or make editorial changes, either in whole or in part, to the conference documents, or to use amended versions thereof, to copy them for third parties, to make them available to or release them to the public, to post them on the internet or on any other network, whether for payment or not, to imitate them, sell them on or use them in any way for commercial purposes. Copyright notices, trademarks or other identifying marks must not be removed.

7. Liability
The events shall be carefully prepared and conducted by qualified speakers. Euroforum assumes no liability for actuality, accuracy and completeness in regard to the conference documents and the staging of the event.

8. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction and place of performance

All legal relationships are subject to the laws of Switzerland to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.  To the extent that this is legally admissible, the legal venue for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is Zurich, Switzerland.

9. Participants’ right of cancellation
Participants whose registration does not relate to either their commercial or their independent professional activity have the right to cancel the registration in writing, without giving a reason, within 14 days of receipt of the confirmation of registration. No cancellation fee will be charged. To meet the cancellation deadline a notice of withdrawal should be sent as soon as possible to the following address: Euroforum Euroforum Schweiz AG, Baarerstrasse 139, CH-6300 Zug. This right of cancellation shall automatically expire if the booked event has already taken place and the participant has attended it.


Anti-corruption rules

1. Anti-corruption and anti-bribery/definitions

1.1 Participants, purchasers and Euroforum all declare that they will oppose any form of bribery and corruption and abide by the legal provisions to that effect. ‚Bribery and corruption‘ means the abuse of entrusted authority to personal advantage, including the offering, promise, provision, acceptance or solicitation of a personal benefit in return for an illegal or ethically unacceptable action, the breach of a duty of loyalty or any other improper action, or the offering of a remuneration to a person, company or agency for such an action, and especially criminal offences as defined in sections 298, 299, 333, 334 of the German Criminal Code (StGB). Personal benefits include all forms of gifts, loans, fees, rewards or other inducements (taxes, services, donations, etc.).

1.2 The obligations as set down under the above Clause 1.1 also apply to all employees of the participants, purchasers and Euroforum, particularly executive directors, business managers, senior staff members, employees and any other persons acting in the name of the company.

2. Regulations/damages and right of cancellation

2.1 The participants and purchasers declare, affirm and pledge:
a. that neither they nor their employees i. in accepting and fulfilling their duties in accordance with this agreement, will act or have acted in breach of the obligation to refrain from bribery or corruption, as set forth under Clause (1.), and ii. have neglected any actions needed to comply with the obligation to refrain from bribery and corruption, as set forth under Clause (1.);
b. that they will immediately notify Euroforum of any infringement of this Clause that may come to their attention;
c. that they have in place their own guidelines and procedures for ensuring compliance with the obligation to refrain from bribery and corruption, as set forth under Clause (1.), and will adhere to these for the duration of the agreement and will enforce them as and when necessary.

2.2 Any culpable breach by participants or purchasers of the obligations set forth under Clauses (1.) and (2.1) above, unless minor in nature, shall entitle Euroforum to terminate any existing agreements or contracts with immediate effect and without notice, regardless of any other rights such as the right of cancellation and withdrawal,
or to withdraw from them. Euroforum reserves the right to recover any damages or losses sustained.