Referent 2020


Prof. Dr. Dr. Alfonso Lampen is the Head of the Department of Food Safety. The department has about 32 scientists, 12 PhD students, 8 technicians and 15 diploma students. He is Professor for Food Toxicology at the Veterinary University Hannover. His Department was involved in different EU projects e.g. in FP6 as WP leader in the project TRACE, as participant in COEXTRA, and was co-ordinator of the MOLSPEC project. He has several national grants (DFG, BMBF). Prof. Lampen is author of many peer reviewed papers in highly ranked international journals mainly dealing with the gastrointestinal barrier and molecular mechanism of toxic compounds using transcriptomic and proteomis techniques mainly. He was nationally and international awarded several times e.g. for the development of a new in vitro methods to replace animal experiments and for food safety investigations in particulary for studies regarding the gastrointestinal barrier. In addition, the Department contains the central BfR proteomics laboratory. Major topics of the research activities are: 1) molecular mechanism of toxification/detoxification in the gastrointestinal barrier and biokinetics, 2) establishment of effect directed analytics, 3) Transcriptomics and proteomics in Food Safety. An excellent well equipped facility including MALDI/TOF/TOF is available to perform proteomics research.