Vicente Rodriguez Fuentes

Referent 2020

Legal Agrifood Abogados, Spain

Vicente Rodríguez Fuentes is a Spanish lawyer specialized in food Law and has a wide experience in regulatory affaires and litigation. He was educated at the Universities of Seville, Spain, (law degree) and Liege, Belgium, (Masters Degree in European Law avec distinction). He is the author of numerous articles on Food Law and has edited the book From agricultural to food law, the new scenario (Wageningen Academics Publ. 2014), directed the book El Derecho Agroalimentario (Edit. Bosch 2003) and has participated in the book Lecciones de derecho alimentario 20015-16 (Thomson Reuters Aranzadi 2016) in the book UE. Sociologia y Derecho Alimentario (, Thomson Reuters 2013) and The functional field of food law, reconciling the market and human rights (Wageningen Academics Publ. 2019). He participates regularly in international seminars and conferences on food law and since 2016 is an invited professor at the University of the Balearic Islands in a Master Degree on personalised nutrition. He is the vice-president of the European Food Law Association.