Video: ADFD Symposium 2017 – take the 360° View on Automated Driving!

Some people say it will be a long time before autonomous automobiles take to the roads; others think it will take less than ten years. Already, IT companies are developing their own prototypes and start-ups are popping up from nowhere with disruptive technologies. Yet at the same time the legal framework is nowhere near finished, and the necessary infrastructure still needs to be set up. And while drivers are steadily turning into consumers of ‘mobility-as-a-service’ products, people are still wary of a technology that will create new vulnerabilities and an entire new ecosystem for fully networked, autonomous and electrified automobiles. The ADFD Symposium ‘Automated Driving, Future Mobility and Digitalization‘ provides a 360° view of autonomous driving. Come and be inspired in dialogue with experts from the auto industry, IT, law and science!

We look forward to see you in Hanover from 6 to 8 September 2017!