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Join the 2017 conference on November 15th and 16th. Listen to what OEM have to say regarding Agile development, their experiences and expectations in supplier projects. Get insights in Suppliers’ experiences with Agile Software, Mechanical and Hardware development. Learn how your development organization can and must be transitioned to be more Agile in order to be future safe in the automotive business.

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Agile in Automotive 2017 News:

Study Software Drives. Digital Capabilities for Automotive Innovators 2030

Once an industry with high value products in mature markets the automotive industry faces a business environment, where nothing is certain other than that change will accelerate. Technological change is so rapid and farreaching, because it is emerging from hyper-connected technologies and their cross-fertilisation rather than innertechnological innovation.

Many presentations about the forces of this digital transformation do not convey the level of new and extraordinary capabilities organisations will have to acquire.

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Ebook – How Software Lifecycle Integration and DevOps are Transforming Car Development

Why is it so difficult for the industry that created lean manufacturing to apply the concepts of lean to software delivery?

Automotive development trends are creating the need for a whole new scale of software-centric innovation and are expanding the software in tomorrow’s car beyond 200 million lines of code. Software is becoming the most expensive part of the car, and large-scale software delivery is one of the most challenging endeavors an organization can undertake.


Whitepaper – Why Agile and DevOps Transformations are Failing at Scale

For most established organizations, the software delivery playing field is far from even. Over the last decade or so, digital-centric companies and startups have possessed the upper hand. These disruptive upstarts – digital-natives, schooled in Agile and DevOps and unrestrained by legacy workflows, regulations or policy – have honed the art of software development and delivery.


Scaled Agility in Regulated Environments

Published by Peter Pedross, CEO – PEDCO

Innovation and efficiency have reached new heights and the combination of such things into cyber physical systems has led to more complex and interdependent systems. How can we sustain such a pace for the future and continually evolve systems in the shortest possible lead time, especially in the context of regulated environments?



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