Exhibitors 2016


AbsInt provides tools for validation, verification and certification of safety-critical software. Key products are the aiT Worst-case Execution Time Analyzer for obtaining timing guarantees, StackAnalyzer for proving the absence of stack overflows, and the Astrée analyzer for proving the absence of runtime errors and data races. All of them can be qualified according to contemporary safety standards. Since 2015, AbsInt offers two new product lines: TimingProfiler computes execution time estimates of programs without the need to repeatedly provide test inputs, execute, and measure. CompCert is a formally verified optimizing C compiler. The level of confidence in the correctness of the compilation process is unprecedented and helps meet the highest standards
of software assurance.

AbsInt GmbH
Science Park 1
66123 Saarbrücken (Germany)


Vector Consulting Services is a globally active consulting firm with focus on product development and strategy. Renowned companies from automotive, information technology, healthcare, transport and aerospace rely on the professional solutions of Vector. Use our extensive experience from a wide variety of industrial projects in the effective and efficient implementation of functional safety and cyber security. www.vector.com/safety

Vector Consulting Services GmbH
Ingersheimer Strasse 24
70499 Stuttgart (Germany)

Validas AG

Validas AG is specialized on tool and library qualification. Our highly qualified specialists grant support to tool vendors and users in building and application of qualification kits by using a model-based framework which is compliant to ISO-26262, IEC-61508, EN-50128 and DO-330-TQL5. During the EUROFORUM we exhibit a 15 minutes live demonstration of library qualification including tests and reviews.

Validas AG
Arnulfstrasse 27
80335 München (Germany)