Review of the 4th International Conference Agile Automotive 2018


  • Agile collaboration
    Methods and workflows between agile teams and cross-company collaboration
  • Agile @ scale
    Agility on team and organization level (scaling and transformation)
  • Agile beyond software
    E.g. hardware, mechanical engineering, services, purchasing, hr
  • Agile organizational structures
    Units and structures needed to optimally support agility
  • People in an agile environment
    Cultures, values, and leadership patterns in agile organizations
  • Automotive standards
    Integration of automotive standards and agile development
  • Customer orientation
    Changing product development and business models
  • Product development
    Lifecycle phases, methods, and tools



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Business Speeddating

Innovations are often found in industry, organizational or functional interfaces. Agile processes increase your company’s innovation potential by connecting them in daily work.


A mood barometer – agile, interactive and live. What do experts think about today´s challenges and solutions?

Hands On – Let‘s build Platforms

When you’re implementing agile processes, creativity is key. The LEGO Serious Play® method helps you develop your own style.

Table Soccer Championship

Agile methods in the evening event too! Table Soccer Champions Chip connects team building, sport, fun and networking. May the best team win!


Lennart Krook

Exclusive interview with Lennart Krook from Zenuity about Agile Automotive

On 15 May, the 2nd conference about Agile Automotive USA will take place in Novi.

Get an insight into the topics at the conference. Read an exclusive interview with Lennart Krook from Zenuity:


Mr Krook, what does “agile in automotive” mean to you?
It’s all about speed, speed, speed (time to market). Agile as such is an enabler for speed and flexibility. The goal is to enable continuous deployment, in Zenuity’s case software, as close to production environment as possible, i.e the car/lorry/bus/fleet etc.  



Whitepaper – SAFE DONE SANE

Getting the benefits from the Scaled Agile Framework

Gladwell has been focused on bringing SAFe (Scaled Agile framework), the most used Scaling Agile method, to corporate environments since the very beginnings of the Scaling Agile discussion. We implemented SAFe in over a hundred of large-scale Agile transformations.

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Study Software Drives. Digital Capabilities for Automotive Innovators 2030

Once an industry with high value products in mature markets the automotive industry faces a business environment, where nothing is certain other than that change will accelerate. Technological change is so rapid and farreaching, because it is emerging from hyper-connected technologies and their cross-fertilisation rather than innertechnological innovation.

Many presentations about the forces of this digital transformation do not convey the level of new and extraordinary capabilities organisations will have to acquire.

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Ebook – How Software Lifecycle Integration and DevOps are Transforming Car Development

Why is it so difficult for the industry that created lean manufacturing to apply the concepts of lean to software delivery?

Automotive development trends are creating the need for a whole new scale of software-centric innovation and are expanding the software in tomorrow’s car beyond 200 million lines of code. Software is becoming the most expensive part of the car, and large-scale software delivery is one of the most challenging endeavors an organization can undertake.


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