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About this CTI conference

This conference will give diagnostic experts a chance to meet and network. Our speakers will share their knowledge, ideas, experiences and inspiration.

You will get the latest insights on how automotive diagnostics will change and get affected by automatization, connectivity and e-mobility.

Join us and don‘t miss the opportunity to be part of this conference and to meet the experts. We look forward to seeing you in Munich.

Kind regards,
Ellen Kreuer
Conference Manager

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The Speakers

Marc Kienzler

Marc Kienzler

Smart Quality, SEAT, S.A.

Speaker 2019

    Martin Reinmuth

    Martin Reinmuth

    Functional Owner Daimler RDS, Daimler AG

    Speaker 2019

      Andrea Steinmüller

      Andrea Steinmüller

      Team Manager Perception & Camera Functions, IAV GmbH

      Speaker 2019

        Heinz Neidhart

        Heinz Neidhart

        Application Engineer, AVL List GmbH

        Speaker 2019

          Main Topics

          • E-mobility diagnostics
          • Extended Vehicle
          • Connectivity & Big Data
          • Remote and cloud diagnostics
          • (Cyber-) Security
          • Diagnostics infrastructure
          • Access to diagnostics
          • Flashing
          • OBD

          Who will you meet?




          2 INSPIRING DAYS

          20+ SPEAKERS

          100+ DELEGATES

          10+ COUNTRIES



          Creating collaborative Ecosystems for the Connected Truck

          SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS IN A DIGITAL WORLD Abstract The trend towards digitalization and connectivity enables truck manufacturers to create exciting new services for their customers. However, it requires a complete transformation of their business approach. We will explore the new collaborative economy in the context of autonomous trucks and the new position of commercial […]

          Carmakers and Telematics: IoT Inside the Factory

          Author: Antonio Venutelli, Solutions Engineer at Geotab When talking about fleet management solutions, many think first about telematics devices for commercial heavy goods vehicles, large goods vehicles (LGVs) and cars. However, telematics can be very useful even before the vehicle is even delivered to end users — during its production stages in the factory. Read […]

          Diagnostics in the Driving Seat

          Vehicles are increasingly connecting themselves with their environment: with other vehicles, parts of the infrastructure, the cloud. And this is in fact the key to new functions such as autonomous driving. Together with the increasing electrification of vehicles, this is placing even more demands on diagnostics – but at the same time is also presenting […]

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